Table Booking

Planning a night out with your friends?

Why not get the VIP treatment?

By our Table Booking service and booking a private table you will stand out from the many regular guests and receive a VIP treatment.

  • Queue jump and stress-free entry.
  • Drinks of your choice for you and your friends.
  • All night private table with your personal hostess.

Table booking: our company guarantees a stress-free experience. We will deal with all the arrangements. Our duty is to make sure everything goes well. All you need to do is to fill the “Table Booking” form on the right of this page. Please inform us about your favourite ‘where and when’ and the size of your group, especially the guys and girls ratio.

We will take care of all the rest. By inquiring with us you have the guarantee you will receive an honest, free of charge quote for one of more venue. We will also tell you the minimum spend required, the typology of service, if there is any cover charge, we will also send you the drinks menu. When you book we will also make sure you get the best table available. We do not want you to spend a fortune and seat on a corner far away from action.

Table Booking policy.

All table bookings are subjected to table availability. Please confirm your booking with Privilege Entertainment at least 24h before the event. Proof of identity (passport, national ID or drive licence) are mandatory and the club door staff will check them all. An elegant/smart dress code applies at all clubs.
Clubs reserve the right to refuse entry when entry requirements are not matched.

Privilege Entertainment offers also Birthday Parties Deals. If you feel your budget for a VIP Table is not enough, why do not you check our special Birthday Deals?

Table Booking

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Booking a private table adds the great comfort to seat, drink and have fun in your own space, while still being close to the main dance floor. With a table booking service, the tables come with a minimum spending for bottles and drinks that you pre-agree with the club at the beginning of the night. The minimum spending varies from club to club and is determined by the size of your group. For our Table booking service please consider an estimated figure of about £100 for each person. A non-refundable deposit may be required in order to secure your table. An additional entry charge may be applied on entrance at some clubs (normally £20/person).